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Throughout the 30-day program, startups from diverse industries will collaborate and compete with one another while experts and advisors from each industry work closely with founders to help them elevate their game. The entire experience requires zero equity and costs $2,150 (USD) per person. The fee covers all program expenses including 1-on-1 coaching, facetime with industry advisors, startup workshops, networking events, on-site coworking space, program-related travel, media exposure, some meals, accommodations, and more. 





Take Off

Take Off

The Program

The Program

Dream Builder is organized into 4 weeks, each with a specific company building focus. Each week founders will receive a series of business challenges they must complete while interacting with industry leaders and experiencing partner products in dynamic environments. 

"Art of The Brand"

Week one will kick off with full branding & design support and relevant sessions, guest appearances and challenges. Teams will be working with partner firms to review their brand, develop new strategies, and create a strong global brand.

"Board Games"

During the second week teams will focus on all aspects of supporting their business development initiatives which include solutions to grow sales, customer development, networking, legal, accounting, and much more.

"Marketing Madness"

Marketing week is all about reaching your customer. Startups will be working with coaches, firms, and the Dream Team to develop marketing strategies, prepare for media interviews, and launch both digital and experiential campaigns.

"The Midas Touch"

The last week is uniquely designed to help startups successfully interact with all the right people. Teams will network and focus on aspects of fundraising including: crowd funding, grants, equity, loans, and more.

Experience Innovation

Casting is looking for the most driven entrepreneurs, willing to "experience innovation": you will compete in business challenges, perform extreme activities, travel to surprise destinations and collaborate with industry-leading advisors. 

Whether you just have a fantastic idea or you already have a startup with a solution that can postitively impact the world, then Dream Builder is just the show for you. If selected, you will have the opportunity to convince the Dream Team, in just 30-days, that you have what it takes to build a global company.

Filmed Web Series

Filmed Web Series Share your startup building experience with the world

Co-working Fully immerse yourself on-site for 30 days

Special Guest Appearances

Special Guest Appearances VC's, Startups, Executives, Coaches & Partners

1-on-1 Building Support

1-on-1 Building Support 4 weeks with Dream Team

Access To Funding

Access To Funding Angel's, VC's, Grants & Banks

Partner Deals & Discounts

Partner Deals & Discounts Business, Legal, Advertising, Tech & Much More!

Healthy Meals & Energy Boosters Prepared by local chefs

Group Excursions & Social Events

Group Excursions & Social Events Outdoor & Team Building Activities

Attend A Global Startup Conference

Attend A Global Startup Conference Present your company to investors, media, customers & partners

Exclusive Media Coverage

Exclusive Media Coverage Webisodes, Podcasts, Radio Shows, News Interviews, Leading Magazines & Journals