1.What is the Application Procedure?

You are not committing to participate in Dream Builder by filling out the application form. We know that we are all living a very busy lifestyle, where schedules are tight and it can be difficult to plan that far ahead.

Filling out the application form helps us get an overview of the people who would like to participate in Dream Builder. When we have reviewed all auditions, applicants will be contacted for a final interview. Finalists will then be given the opportunity to accept a Golden Ticket and make their commitment to participate in the program.

2.What is included in the program fee?

The program fee of $2,150 (USD) per person includes:

    * 1-on-1 business coaching 
    * Facetime with industry advisors
    * Startup workshops
    * Exciting social & networking events
    * On-site coworking space
    * Program-related travel
    * Media exposure
    * Some meals
    * Accommodations
    * All other program activities

**Please note that the program fee is per person and does not include round trip transportation to Los Angeles or outside personal expenses.**

3.Is equity required to participate?

No. Dream Builder requires ZERO equity!

4.Who is the Dream Builder program designed for?

Dream Builder is largely focused on founder development and is for ambitious entrepreneurs who recognize that they are the key to their company's success. If you have an early stage startup, or if you are new to entrepreneurship, seeking a career change, and desire the connections and challenges involved with Dream Builder, it is for you. Our program enables startups to accelerate solutions in a short period of time and is ideal for those who have raised no more than one million (USD).

5.Does my business need to be a technology startup?

No. As long your business can be a technology-enabled business and can make a meaningful impact to society.  

6.What is the application process like?

  1. Apply to get your Golden Ticket on the homepage. All you need to do is submit your email and initial details of your startup. It’ll take less than 2 mins, we promise!
  2. You will then receive an email with instructions to complete your startup profile and to upload your 2 minute pitch video.
  3. We will select finalists from all the pitch video submissions and have Skype interviews to understand the founders and the company better.

7.How do I check my application status?

We’ll be in touch via email throughout the application process. If you have any questions regarding your status, email nikita@wonkalab.com for more details.

8.How do I make my application more competitive?

We recommend really telling us who you are and why you are pursuing entrepreneurship through your solution in your audition video. Be sure to read all the FAQs and video requirements in your welcome email. Additionally, don’t forget to fill out the “About us” section in your profile so that we can recognize you at a glance. 

9.How do I know if I’ve been accepted?

You’ll receive a congratulatory email with instructions on next steps and an official Golden Ticket!  

10.Will you be looking to invest in some of the startups that are in the program?

You betcha! The startups coming into our program will provide us and our investors the opportunity to see if there is a long-term fit. If the stars align and there is a fit, we will invest up to $100,000 USD into your startup and then we will begin preparing you for incubation, under Wonka Lab - Startup Factory.  As for the others, we will continue supporting and connecting you throughout our network.  

11.When do I have to pay the program fee?

Program fee will be due upon acceptance of a Golden Ticket and it is non-refundable under all circumstances. No application or submission fee required.


We are working with our partner network to secure the best accomodations for participants. If you have two in your group then we will most likely put you together. 

13.Are the weekends free time?

While there will be time to relax, it may not always be on the weekends.

14.Is there any kind of IP protection during Dream Builder?

There will be a waiver and legal documents to sign upon acceptance which would cover IP protection for your company. 

15.How old do you have to be to participate?

Our participants must be at least 18 years of age by the start of the program.

16.What is the relationship between Wonka Lab and Dream Builder?

Wonka Lab is the startup factory that owns and operates the Dream Builder program. You can find out more about Wonka Lab here.